Hachiko-A Dog’s Story

 This story begins when Professor Parker Wilson find a little dog at the Railway Station Bedridge, Wonsocked, United States, a place where he usually to go to work and come home from work. Then the  akita dog was invited to go home and named Hachiko. Parker and his wife Cate, always take care this dog till grow big and everyday Parker playing with Hachiko. One day, when Hachiko was growing up, he unexpectedly follow Parker  to the station when Parker went to work. Parker was forced out of the train to return Hachiko to his home. However, it turns out Hachico pick him up at the station at 17.00. Since at the moment, Parker let Hachico escort and pick him up at the station.  The stall owners, merchants, and pedestrians, and commuter surprised-astonished with Hachiko’s behavior that does not like dogs in general. All people around Station Bedridge love and always say hello to Hachiko like a human.  Until one day, Hachiko didn’t find the arrival of his master at the station at 17.00. Parker Wilson was passed away because of a heart attack when he was teaching, while Hachiko never seemed to understand about the death of Parker.  After the death of Parker, Cate sell his house and leave Bedridge. While Hachiko maintained by Parker’s daughter, Andy Wilson. Hachiko repeatedly ran away from Andy’s house to go to the station, hoping he would find his master again. Andy always pick up Hachiko at the station until the end Andy allow Hachiko to go. Hachiko stay at the station and at 17.00, he will sit on the roundabout in front of the station, awaiting the arrival of his master.  The uniqueness of Hachiko’s behavior attracted the attention of people nearby, even writing about his appeared in the newspapers that this dog story became legend. So many people give food to Hachiko alternately.  Hachiko’s faithfull to hold out until the 10th years from the death of Parker. Finally in the winter of the 10th, Hachiko died at the roundabout station at midnight.

 The reason why I like this movie :

This movie has very good value such as affection, faithfulness and friendship. Beside that, this movie can inspire many people to do the best for better life. Most people in the world rerely can be the faithfull person, just a few that can be faithfull. Type of faithfullness as like as faithfull to her/his partner life, faithfullness in work or in friendship. Then the affection in this movie can felt by everyone that see the movie. Its also can remember me that how great affection in my life, the affection from my parents, my sister, my big familly, my friends, etc. In addition this movie is a real story, although this movie tells of two different worlds, but a dog can be friendly with a human.


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